Audioengine P4 - Högtalare - 2-vägs - högglansig vit

Audioengine P4 - Högtalare - 2-vägs - högglansig vit AUDIOENGINE-P4W

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The Audioengine P4 (AP4) is a high-performance bookshelf speaker pair with the same great looks and sound as Audioengine's award-winning powered speakers. Beautiful, small, and affordable, AP4 is the perfect choice for your living room, bedroom or office and an ideal surround speaker for use with other Audioengine speakers in your home theater or stereo system.

The AP4 passive speakers are full-sounding bookshelf speakers in a small satellite-sized package. The AP4 has excellent bass response for its size, which is obvious when it's used either as stereo speakers or satellite surrounds. AP4 sounds great sitting on stands, on a bookshelf, or mounted on a wall using the integrated threaded inserts, which are compatible with most wall or ceiling mounting systems.


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